Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arwen Headdress Circlet Reproductions from Lord of the Rings

Ever since picking up and reading my mothers copy of Lord of the Rings, I have loved the world of Middle Earth. It is such a rich world with many different types of people and places. When the movies came out, I saw each of them three times each in the theaters. 

Of all the races of the world, I always wanted to be an elf. They are a merry race, yet also graceful and deadly. So when the movies came out, I absorbed all I could about the lands of the elves. 

Then one day I was sitting and making princess circlets, and I decided I wanted to reproduce the headdress that Arwen wears during Aragorn's coronation. She was so lovely, and the headdress so intricate. So I bought some HUGE large butterflies and some great filigree pieces, and created the headdress below: 


And I went even further:

 And people liked it and I was asked to create it in clear beads:

 And I told myself: why limit myself to the butterfly? So I branched out:

They take a while to make, and my fingers are sore for a while after, but they are so worth the time and pain (the pain is mostly from having to straighten my hair for the photos! HOURS of work to make my curly locks lie straight). 
Just another step into making myself, and others, into the fair race of elves.

Na lû e-govaned vîn
(Until next we meet)


  1. Your headdresses are stunning! Pretty hair, too - I don't have much patience for straightening OR curling mine. ;D

    ♥ aquariann
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  2. Luckily my hair curls on its own...straightening it takes a couple hours and I only do it once or twice a year!

  3. I want to know where to order one because I want this for a wedding headdress. I don't want a true tiara

  4. Just noticed the comment above! I don't get out here much, sorry. I know it is probably too late for you now, but for anyone else interested, my website is Or you can click on any of the photos at the top, right side of the page (under 'Visit My Etsy Shop')